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Hi there. We're Lendly.

We give hardworking employees access to high-quality loans.

  • $1000 loan amount

  • 26 average number of payments

  • $61.98 average bi-weekly payment amount

Quickly. Fairly. Lendly.

Our online application can be completed in as little as 5-10 minutes. Funds can be deposited into your account within one business day when we have received all information, including a confirmation of your direct deposit.
If you’ve been at your job for six months or longer, and live in a state we serve, you may qualify for a Lendly loan.
Our Customer Care team in Dayton, Ohio has helped thousands of people get the funds they need. Give us a call or email anytime.


It Works


We set out to build Lendly loans because we believe people are more than their credit scores. We’ve seen firsthand how difficult it can be to access funds quickly at fair rates, even for folks with steady income and secure jobs.

we believe people are more than their credit scores

We’re doing things differently. We lend to employees of industry-leading companies because we believe high-quality employees deserve access to high-quality loans. Our low repayments through direct deposit offer an affordable and convenient way to repay while providing you with an opportunity that may help improve your credit score.

We are proud to offer a loan that helps people respond to today, and build for tomorrow.

- The Lendly Team

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To provide fair, timely, and broad access to capital for hardworking Americans

With over 25 years of experience in the consumer loan business, we started Lendly because we saw firsthand how many people lacked access to affordable capital—loans with fair terms and fair rates.

Traditional underwriting methods, like approvals based on credit scores, are antiquated and biased. Millions of hardworking adults don’t have credit cards or use banks, and can’t get access to loans at fair rates. Others lack access to affordable credit because of actions taken long ago. Credit scores simply don’t tell the whole story, and yet, they’re the primary factor used by most of the lending industry to assess loan worthiness.

We sought to create a loan with a non-traditional underwriting method and a convenient and affordable repayment structure. We believe that loans paid back through direct deposit, and approved based primarily on time on job, are the way of the future.